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The Battle of Gridlington—A War Poem

The Battle of Gridlington—A War Poem

My grandfather fought at the Battle of Gridlington
And would often wear his medals row by row.
He said, with reticence, “I knocked my foes down one by one”
At a sundown battle of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Aunt lived stories of the Boston Tea Party
Over dark coffee, and mixing in cream.
In this fight but a modicum of strategy
Fighting the dishwasher through clouds of steam.

Great Uncle was a fan of French consommé
Taking a ladle to a mud-coloured bowl;
The spoon carving a wet-foot trench—
Gran’s recipe: it won’t last too long.

Brother John was held captive for thirty-eight days
By a relative who couldn’t distinguish kith and kin;
His own nephew caught him during capture the flag
In the garden, amidst the summer haze and din.

Consider an age-old family reunion
Without wars that one can never win;
Regaling histories of the ordinary days of boring yore
Why, that’s no such ordinary thing.

Delphiniums and Snapdragons
Delphiniums and Snapdragons at Snuff Mills, Bristol United Kingdom



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